Business Cases

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Here are real-world results Directed Genomics has delivered. We helped our clients create value, save research spend, and remain focused on their core competency. In all cases, the Directed Genomics research team worked as an extended, confidential scientific resource for our clients. Please contact us to find out how we can support your team.

Portfolio Expansion

Our client had basic NGS library prep offerings and wanted to expand their reagent and kit portfolio. Directed Genomics established performance metrics for their target markets and validated the metrics with potential customers.

We then designed, developed, and optimized new methods. Our collaborator filed IP on the methods and commercialized the new kits

Rapid Product Design & Development

IP/License Diligence

Our client was developing a single cell NGS method but wanted to explore possible license of a similar technology from a 3rd party.

To protect both parties IP, Directed Genomics provided a comparative analysis of both methods, along with two other popular methods. Our client was able to make an informed decision on whether to license the technology.

Research That is Confidential

Process Development

A diagnostic company needed a single ultra-high throughput expression analysis process – lysis through to final library QC, that could be used with multiple, challenging, differentiated cells lines. 

We built out a derivative of Drug-Seq allowing early stage pooling of 384 samples, including optimization of lysis conditions and worked with their automation team to implement the methods on their robots.

Improve Margins & Product Performance

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