Cynthia Hendrickson-CEO

Cynthia L. Hendrickson is the Founder and CEO of Directed Genomics, a company focused on the development of novel next-generation genomic solutions for translational, clinical, and agricultural applications, as well as for basic research and forms partnerships with international companies for the commercialization of these technologies. Cynthia holds a Ph.D. in Medical Science from University of Florida College of Medicine and has since held scientific leadership roles with a focus on driving the development of innovative products for genomic technologies, including the development of the SOLiD sequencing chemistry at Agencourt and creating the NEBNext product line at New England Biolabs.  More recently, Cynthia founded Directed Genomics, which, among other projects, has developed NEBNext Direct target enrichment portfolio of products for New England Biolabs.   Cynthia is lead author a variety of peer-reviewed publications and granted patents.


Evan Mauceli-CIO

Evan Mauceli is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Directed Genomics, LLC.  Evan is a physicist by training who transitioned to genomics in the computational biology group at the Whitehead/Broad Institute in 2001. There he spent the next decade developing computational algorithms to extract biological meaning from sequencing data. Previously, Evan was the Analytics Director of the Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory (GDL), a clinical laboratory at Boston Children's Hospital applying genomics to improve medical care for sick children. In 2013, the GDL spun out into Claritas Genomics, a commercial genetic diagnostic company. Following the successful launch of Claritas, Evan joined Parabase Genomics, a genetic diagnostic startup dedicated to improving care in neonatal intensive care units, as the Director of Informatics and eventually CIO. Evan earned his Ph.D. in Experimental General Relativity from Louisiana State University and performed post-doctoral work at the INFN in Frascati, Italy and at the LIGO gravitational wave experiment operated by Caltech and MIT.

Dawn Thompson-CSO

Prior to joining Directed Genomics as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Dawn was the Head of Next Generation Sequencing at Ginkgo Bioworks a synthetic biology company focused on Organism Engineering for biomanufacturing spanning diverse markets including living medicines, AgBio and specialty chemicals.  Dawn was also the Associate Director of the Cell Circuits Program (CCP), at the Broad Institute responsible for contributing to the scientific vision and technological development toward systematically defining the genetic and molecular circuits of a wide range of cell types. She was concurrently a Group Leader in Genome Biology leading a team developing tools for comparative functional genomics to study the function and evolution of molecular networks underlying phenotypes ranging from pathogenesis to metabolism in fungal systems. Dawn earned her Ph.D. at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon and did postdoctoral work at Harvard University.